The Laws of Online Marketing Business – Part 1

Your Online Marketing Business Journey

Your journey within the online marketing business world can indeed become easier and peaceful when you know and respect certain fundamental truths in life in general. These fundamentals translate over into your online marketing adventures.

Here then is Part 1 of the fundamental laws of online marketing business, life, and the universe. This might be a little bit of hyperbole, but you can decide that for yourself.

Law #1: Responsibility

You and only you are responsible for your own success. Once you come to this realization, you will suddenly recognize that blaming others for your success or failure is mostly useless because you are the one in control of your life. So in other words, your destiny indeed is entirely in your own hands, and it is your responsibility to act accordingly.

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  1. Ian Reply

    Many thanks for sharing the 8 Laws of Online Business Marketing. I have recently joined OLSP and I have found it to be an excellent program which I can highly recommend.

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